Our key Services
Our technical team of highly trained engineers and technicians together with our vast experience in a variety of industries and unique applications help us bring solutions that results a combination of conventional and advance techniques. Thus producing tailor made results with the highest POD, and least intrusive interaction possible with our customers construction and maintenance process.
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As new products and applications results from advances in science and technology, we strive in understanding this new materials and develop solutions for our customer needs. For that we have a state of the art laboratory manned by a group of scientists and engineers which are exclusively dedicated to perform research of new materials technologies and materials characterization.
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The meticulous qualification of the inspection procedure is a crucial part of the inspection process, therefore the quality and reliability of the installation and fabrication in all industries, as well as the need of compliance the required codes is essential. Our qualified level III team, can support us throughout every stage of our services, from specifications development, to a complete procedure compliance, as well as auditing
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