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We provide a variety of Non-Destructive inspection services, including pressure vessels, atmospheric tanks for storage (gas, fuel, acid, and others), welded joints in steel and HDPE pipes, air coolers, heat exchangers and boilers, structures, marine and offshore facilities, bridges and buildings. We also provide inspections of mobile units used for transporting fuels, gas, heavy machinery, crushers, railway lines, mobile cranes, truck cranes and all kinds of hoist systems.



At the beginning of 2014 we acquired state of the art Guided Waves Equipment and built the first facility for testing, training and simulating all the different applications for this type of equipment:

  • Corrosion detection / in-service pipes and pipelines.
  • Inspection of above-ground conventional and coated pipe.
  • Detection of corrosion at supports and pipe racks.
  • Inspection of through-wall pipe.
  • Detection of corrosion under insulation (CUI).
  • Inspection of buried pipes. Inspection of vertical pipes.

Inspecting with guided waves offers several significant cost advantages for our customers since we are able to avoid unnecessary excavation, coating removal, or scaffolding if no flaw is detected. Additionally, the use of guided waves allows us to perform inspections of pipes and pipeline over long distances, inspections of pipes with limited access from a single position, as well as targeting locations requiring further inspection; all these with substantial savings over other methods.

ASTM covers Guided Wave: E2775 - Standard Practice for Guided Wave Testing of Above Ground Steel Pipework Using Piezoelectric Effect Transduction (2011).