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We provide a variety of Non-Destructive inspection services, including pressure vessels, atmospheric tanks for storage (gas, fuel, acid, and others), welded joints in steel and HDPE pipes, air coolers, heat exchangers and boilers, structures, marine and offshore facilities, bridges and buildings. We also provide inspections of mobile units used for transporting fuels, gas, heavy machinery, crushers, railway lines, mobile cranes, truck cranes and all kinds of hoist systems.


Alternating Current Field Measurement

Advanced electromagnetic inspection systems of multiple technologies, including Eddy Current, MFl. NFT, and RFT for the fabrication and in-service inspection of such units as air conditioners, heat exchangers, boilers, and super heaters are commonly used. Alternating Current Field
Method of measurements (ACFM) is also used to support the petrochemical sector.

The digital data obtained can be easily handled, which permits fast data processing using specific and proprietary software to maintain constant follow-up and comparison throughout the integrity status time and remaining life of the inspected units.


DSCN4026 NDT Innovations uses electromagnetic inspection technologies focused on measurement. NDT Innovations is capable to provide inspection support and guarantee of integrity for mining equipment in typically short timeframes during maintenance shutdowns. The versatility of the methods we apply allows us to achieve a flaw detection capacity even over thick layers of paint, or lubrication grease of moving components (such as gears, mills, chassis, conveyors, among other components).

Advantages of Advanced Ultrasonic (AUT) and other advanced NDT technologies:

  • Higher POD, Resolution & Sensitivity.
  • Accurate location, characterization, and sizing of defects.
  • Reduced inspection times compared to conventional methods.
  • Permanent Digital Records. Potential for reduced manpower.
  • Greater penetration than conventional radiography (large thickness).
  • Root, cap, and mid-wall coverage simultaneously in a one-line scan.
  • Flexibility- easily adjustable to varying diameters, thicknesses, and weld configurations.
  • Full A-scan raw data with imaging and post processing.
  • Excellent replacement for conventional radiography with almost no radiation hazard!



At the beginning of 2014 we acquired state of the art Guided Waves Equipment and built the first facility for testing, training and simulating all the different applications for this type of equipment:

  • Corrosion detection / in-service pipes and pipelines.
  • Inspection of above-ground conventional and coated pipe.
  • Detection of corrosion at supports and pipe racks.
  • Inspection of through-wall pipe.
  • Detection of corrosion under insulation (CUI).
  • Inspection of buried pipes. Inspection of vertical pipes.

Inspecting with guided waves offers several significant cost advantages for our customers since we are able to avoid unnecessary excavation, coating removal, or scaffolding if no flaw is detected. Additionally, the use of guided waves allows us to perform inspections of pipes and pipeline over long distances, inspections of pipes with limited access from a single position, as well as targeting locations requiring further inspection; all these with substantial savings over other methods.

ASTM covers Guided Wave: E2775 - Standard Practice for Guided Wave Testing of Above Ground Steel Pipework Using Piezoelectric Effect Transduction (2011).



NDT Innovations offers Digital Radiography systems with the following characteristics:

  • High portability: It can be fully operated on batteries; however, it can also work on conventional sources.
  • Designed for fieldwork: Light panels, mountable on a tripod.
  • Shorter exposure times for obtaining the images: Image quality is immediately verifiable, thus avoiding returning to the inspection site.
  • Image quality - Great, dynamic range and high resolution.
  • Safer application: Reduced safety area, source can be shut-off when not in use.
  • High-precision software: Easy to use with powerful filters.

This technique allows NDT Innovations to provide the industrial fabrication sectors and in-service maintenance with the following services:

  • Remote Weld inspection.
  • Corrosion inspection (measurement of remaining thicknesses).
  • Determination of integrity in metal and polymer joints.
  • Plastic liners wear.
  • Quality evaluation of multiple engineering components.